I am a 75 yr old “old fart” and have been pretty much home bound for the past year following unsuccessful back surgery.

I can’t remember how I found you on youtube but watching you has become one of life’s true pleasures for me.

 First of all, your knowledge of the outdoors and how to live with it is totally fascinating and instructive.

 But far more importantly, the example you set for others–especially for today’s youth–is commendable.

 You are one of the finest examples of living the American dream I have ever seen.

 I admire your honesty and humility and your willingness to share with all of us.

 Your courage in following your dream is an example to the thousands of kids who think they don’t stand a chance in life.

 If I were a teacher or parent with younger kids I would make watching your videos mandatory!

 I have no doubt that “little guy” will grow up to be a truly fine individual and that, after all, is what it’s all about.

 God bless and thank you


Jim (Last name left out for privacy)


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