Woodsman Wilderness Living Course

Our Woodsman Wilderness Living Course starts tomorrow and goes through to Sunday. This week long course does a few things. First, it is fun. But it is also a great way to put what you have learned here or elsewhere to the test, as well as your gear. By the end of the week you will find that some items of your kit were the difference in making the experience fulfilling, while others just remained in your pack and would probably have been better suited at home. This course truly lets you know what is needed, and what is not. Though the course is not ridiculously difficult, it will test you both physically and mentally at times. Lessons are more informal here but present themselves when necessary.

Off to prep the classroom and my pack, and await the students in the morning.

See you all in a week!

A set up from last years class that worked well.
A set up from last year’s class that worked well.

3 thoughts on “Woodsman Wilderness Living Course

  1. Have fun this week Derek!
    Always fun to meet new folks wish bushcraft in mind. This is a great time of year for getting out and enjoying nature! You can leave the bug spray at home and bring extra cup o’ soups, coffee, and hot chocolates!
    And just watched Buffalo beat the Dolphins! Stupid fecking fish….


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