Another Successful Class Complete


It always a bummer to have a class come to an end, but of course there is always the upside. There is no better feeling, at least for me, to have happy satisfied students leave here with a better understanding of how to interact with the wilderness in a more meaningful way. To see them learn new skills as they go, and apply and understand what we have been sharing with them is simply awesome.

So as this door closes, we look forward to the next one opening, and we begin to prepare to do it all over again. We will enjoy the time when it comes and have fun while we do it, and then again experience the drag of seeing it come to an end.

We are thankful for our students, and/or the opportunity folks provide us with sharing our knowledge with them.


Some Woodsman School Alumni stopped by during the class for some Dutch Over dinner, and we shared in some Woodsman Time as usual.



3 thoughts on “Another Successful Class Complete

    1. Was our pleasure Tim. Thanks for taking the time out to come by as well. Always great feedback from our students when we have the privilege of having you here. It is clear to see that when folks work together and help each other, it benefits everyone, the outfits, the students and the forest!


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