Woodsman Folklore 2 (Katydids)

The Katydids (Pterophylla)

The Katydids, can also tell you what the temperature is outside. By getting to know their language (made only by the females at night) you can discern to a pretty close degree how warm it is. Below is how you use them:

  • Kay-tee-did-it = 77*F
  • Kay-tee-didn’t = 73*F
  • Kay-tee-did = 70*F
  • Kate-didn’t = 67*F
  • Kate-did = 64*F
  • Katy = 62*F
  • Kate = 58*F

Katydids are mute below 55*F


Give it a try and see for yourself.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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