Woodsman Folklore 4 (Folklore or Biblical?)

Predicting the Weather


Most of us are familiar with some old folklore saying, or sailor rhyme, when it comes to weather prediction. Here is one below that you may have heard over time:

  • Red sky by night, a sailor’s delight.
  • Red sky by morning, sailor take warning.

This saying has been used over a long period of time. But how long? And where did it come from? This always amazes me when I find out where old sayings have, or may have derived.

So in the Bible, under Matthew, Chapter 16, verse 2-3….it says:

“In reply he said to them: When evening falls, you say, It will be fair weather, for the sky is fire-red. And in the morning, it will be wintry, rainy weather today for the sky is fire-red but gloomy.”

4 thoughts on “Woodsman Folklore 4 (Folklore or Biblical?)

  1. In Scotland I heard it as a wee boy but it was red sky at night sailors delight red sky in morning shepherds take warning.


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