Winter Wonderland Scout

I went for a late afternoon scout about my 40 to see what all was out there. It seemed I was the only dummy to be walking around the new snow covered woods. No tracks or sign of life besides me and the trees. Its still a magical time to be out walking the woods. A light snow still falling to add to the 4-5 inches of fresh, white-covered landscape. We got about 4-5 inches overnight, and then sleet for most the day which gave way into another light flurry. So amazing to see the trackless woodlands, with the crisp 15* air chilling your face as you tramp through.

Nearing the end of my journey, I came across another fellow that was sharing this frosty experience with me. Lets see if you can guess by the tracks, who or what he is. Both sets of tracks are coming towards you and you can see the glare from the light flurries.

Can you tell by the swooping pattern his feet make, what it is?

He is a little fellow, among three that I see here quite often on the property. I got within 3-4 feet of him before he noticed me. I wish I had the camera to take some video of him as he is pretty neat to see up close.

There he is, my little buddy the porcupine. Seems he enjoys the winter weather as much as I do!

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