A Journey Through Bushcraft


Bushcraft has been defined and discussed in many ways over the years. My belief, is that it is much more than a word, and adjective that describes it’s physical characteristics, or the romantic implications that surround and encompass its origins. It’s less about your kit that you bring with you, and more of your understanding of nature. Bushcraft encumbers a lot of different aspects pertaining to the wilderness and the natural world around you, and the Woodsmen and Women, who find their place within it.

“So the living, is maybe even more of a lesson than the skills.” (Tim Smith)


“Bushcraft is a knowledge of nature that enables you to travel safely and relying upon nature to an extent for our sustenance, self-support. It is the knowledge that our ancestors had. It is the knowledge of First Nations. And it’s knowledge that’s not just ancient, but it can be modern as well, there’s new knowledge, new understanding. It’s a blending of old and new, but at its core, is a love and understanding of nature.” (Ray Mears)


“So it’s not just about the skills, it’s about the experience, that the skills facilitate.” (Tim Smith)



“It’s all part of the self-reliance that is at the core of Bushcraft. And if I damage it, I can repair it. And if I break it, I’ll make another one. And when it’s worn out, it can be thrown in the forest and nature can have it back. That to me is perfection, and that is with totally in keeping with canoeing.” (Ray Mears)

IMG_6611 IMG_6615 12

Woodsmanship (2)IMG_6264

Bushcraft is a never ending journey, a lifestyle.

The quotes were referenced from the following videos (which are a highly recommended watch if you haven’t seen them):









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