I was introduced to GALA by my friend Tim. He has been working with them for  approximately 4-5 years now. GALA stands for Global Awareness Local Action. It is  a community based, nonprofit organization that holds monthly workshops geared toward community building, particularly in self-reliance. They do a lot! I can’t tell you all they do, but if interested, check out the link provided below.

This morning I will be going to check out a building with them that they are looking to hopefully purchase. I am tagging along with my “carpenter’s eye” so I can assist in letting them know what the building needs for work. If all goes well, I will be helping them do much of the needed work in the future, and am happy to do so.

We are talking about a possible workshop(s) here at the Woodsman School in the future as well. I will put that info out if/when the time comes.



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