The Go Bag

I have a few different packs that I use and like pretty well. My pack basket is easily my favorite, but not always convenient to grab and go. I have my woodsman pack that holds a lot of stuff in it also, but again, is not always convenient to grab and go. I typically use these packs when I have something going on that is planned, and I need room for stuff.

The go bag is a simple back pack style bag that I have had for several years now. I call it my go bag. No, it is not designed to survive the zombie apocalypse, or run into the woods and play survivorman, or live off the land. This pack I keep outfitted to simply grab and go, knowing I have what I need in it. It is generally filled with the same items all of the time, but maybe a book can change. This simple bag, an LL Bean one, has the stuff I need to go away from camp and scout around, or can grab and head out of the house¬†without worrying about too much. It also doesn’t have the kitchen sink in it, so it is light and convenient to carry. I keep it that way on purpose. As you can see, it is maybe only a third full. It would certainly cover me for an overnight stay in the woods if it had to. Throw in some food, and maybe a few days.


Here are the contents of the bag:


Bag, silny tarp with space blanket, couple bungee cords and a hank of paracord, Water bottle with nesting cup, wooden spoon, folding saw, spare knife (any one of the three shown, if not carried on me), headlamp with spare batteries, two bandanas, journal, animal tracks card with write in the rain notepad, pen and pencil, AMC river guide book in this case and a multi-tool.

I use to dig a haversack pretty well, but have gotten away from that for the most part. I still use one when teaching a class at times because it is small and I don’t really need much. I like this bag a lot better as it stays put on my back, rather than flopping around on my side when bending over and such. I also like that it is simple, yet effective, and I can just grab it and go with now worries.

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