The Camp Chef

 The Camp Chef – Introduction to Camp and Outdoor Cooking

Cooking shows and videos, both on television and the net, are pretty popular. This is probably due to cooking being fun, as well as the final result of a belly full of good food that just warms the soul. We have decided to add this to our schedule for folks wanting to learn how to cook outdoors for groups, and in a variety of ways, using some Maine Guide Traditions and Techniques.

We have a pretty good list of recipes that will be incorporated into this class, so much so that we can change up the menus for multiple classes. Learn to cook up full course meals that include desserts as well.

Cooking techniques featured:

  • Cook pots
  • Cast iron pans
  • Dutch ovens
  • Stamped steel pans
  • Reflector oven
  • Primitive techniques on certain meals
  • The cooking set ups and more…

The class is designed for those who want to learn some outdoor cooking techniques, but the added benefits are that we eat some good food and enjoy a campfire as well.




3 thoughts on “The Camp Chef

    1. Without a doubt bud. Got my signed copy ; ) There are other great recipes out there as well, and I plan on putting them on display during these new classes. Maybe they will make youtube for my buddies abroad, such as yourself


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