Traditional Shore Lunch with a Friend

Spent some time out today with a good friend. I ended up cooking up a Traditional, Maine Guide shore lunch for the two of us. It was a mix of traditions and recipes between 3 guides; Lance Wheaton, Tim Smith and myself. I made a portion of the meal from each of us.

The menu included:

  • 2 lbs of perch fillets, breaded and fried (Lance)
  • 1 lb of potatoes, home-fried style (Derek)
  • Dutch oven dessert, based off of the Aroostook Custard (Tim)
  • Guide coffee (well….all guides, though techniques can vary)

I was paying attention to the cooking, as well as trying to shoot some video (not sure how that is going to pan out, no pun intended) that I didn’t get many pictures. Actually, only got the one shown below of the taters, as they were on first and I had time.


Tim may have taken some pictures that he can share. And I will see what I can do about a video of this, but no promises.


8 thoughts on “Traditional Shore Lunch with a Friend

      1. HA! That is exactly what I do. Wasn’t familiar with the term I guess. I use different fruits though, not a fan of peaches unless I eat them right from the tree.


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