The Next Generation or Caesar

Its about passing on the knowledge to the next generation.

There are many today who preach the value of passing on (traditional, survival, bushcraft etc, etc) skills to the next generation. I too agree with this, and believe it is of the utmost importance. There are probably as many reasons behind this as there are folks who preach it. Though there are a plethora of schools and outfits today who are trying to do so, these skills are far from being as common as they once were. We can thank technology for that for the most part. Now I’m not totally crapping on technology either, as I enjoy a great bit of it too. But there is such a disconnect anymore between not only us and nature, but these very skills which have allowed us to exist there for centuries.


So when we say, “its about passing on the skills to the next generation”, is that really what we mean? When we teach these youngins the skills that have been passed on to us, what do we want, or expect them to do with them? When they turn around and show their friends, or someone else that is interested, are we happy and/or proud of that? I believe we should be, because that is the point, right? But that doesn’t always seem to be the case. It doesn’t matter if we are teaching the next generation, or anyone for that matter. If they are passing on the knowledge, we should be proud, and hope that they convey the message and skills better than we did for them.


So then there is Caesar. And some folks are pretty contradicting when it comes to “the message”, or the point. It seems it is not always about the next generation, rather about self, and the dues that belong to Caesar. I am a firm believer in giving credit where it is due, and have done so throughout my time of passing on what I have learned. But I don’t get wrapped up in what I think people owe me, because they don’t owe me a thing. It’s not about me, remember the point? That’s what it is about, and I am happy to see the knowledge get passed.  Mark 12:17 states this concept pretty well. Give it a look if you wish. I will not inundate you with Bible Scripture, but lets face it, there is nothing new under the sun, and we all learned from someone. In fact, there is no one alive today to whom these skills belong. They have been passed down over time, and it is our job to do the same and keep them alive and well. So if we wish to pass on the knowledge, lets pass it on, and hope the next in line does too, even better than we did.

This is not a rant, nor a finger pointing discussion. It’s just a compass check for all who fall into this category who may need to take a knee, face out and drink water for a second.


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