Pac -A-Chair

I was asked to check out a product and see what I thought about it. There are only 100 of these ever made so far, and they have a patent on them. My initial thoughts were, borderline gimmicky. But after some more thought, and what applications it would work well in, I like it. I am going to be taking it along on some trips and trying it out.

It is a back pack as well as a chair that unfolds. It is comfortable on the back and shoulders with all of the padding it has. There are several pockets on it, and it is a bucket style pack, which I have always liked. I’m not sure on the dimensions or liters of it to be honest, but I wouldn’t necessarily load it up anyhow. The wood chair portion is made of ash here locally in NH. I think it will do well on canoe and snowshoe trips, as well as some ice fishing and such. We will see. They come in camo, red and green.

This seems like a product #llbean should have been selling for years now. Would love to know what you all think about it, please let us know.

4 thoughts on “Pac -A-Chair

  1. There’s an application for just about any item. What species of wood is used? Weight rating? Maybe, a web lattice under the cushions might make that chair a bit more interesting as it could then support more weight and be loadbearing. Maybe a rope lattice could be tied for the same purposes.


  2. Interesting item there. I would see it more as an item tucked away in the camper or RV. I could see its usefulness if an issue arises where you were stuck out in an RV or the vehicle towing your camper broke down and you maybe needed to hike out of a remote area. The design wouldn’t let you over pack it and if you got tired you would have a nice place to sit and rest. Some possibilities there for sure 🙂


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