Great article by a buddy, Paul Sveum. This should be read by all who are currently trying to be the voice of reason for Bushcraft, Woodcraft and the likes on the internet. Most are just “google ninjas” playing the part, not really living it.

21 Days on the Road

Imagine after being exhausted at the end of a hard day, you are coming home to this [long silence]. In the little remaining daylight he cannot possibly return to his main hut, his only recourse is to fix this one.” Werner Herzog from “Happy People”

vlcsnap-2015-03-26-12h46m59s81 Thats the tree coming in from the left

The trapper then commences to put his small cabin back in shape by removing the log (with what I’d call a large hatchet), sloughing off the 5′ of snow on the roof, and then, while softly humming to himself, lighting a fire in the wood stove. While it isn’t clear how cold it is throughout this unexpected home improvement part of the documentary, seeing how he is rocking a few solid beardsicles, it must be at least in the teens, as I have found from experience that you don’t get good facial ice until it is…

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