Woodcraft vs Bushcraft

So it was brought to my attention a few days ago, that I was misinforming you all with my videos over the years, as well as my FB posts and so on. I have talked about, and posted, Bushcraft videos and such throughout the years. Well, I was wrong apparently. They should have been titled Woodcraft, being that I live in America.

Without getting into the finite details of it all, here is how it is. I live in America, and everything we do in the woods (not the Bush), according to the legends (Horace Kephart, Daniel Beard, George Washington Sears, Ernest Seton etc…) as well as some of their followers, is called Woodcraft, not Bushcraft. Bushcraft is a term that stems from Africa, Australia and Canada. You can do your own research on the terms if you’d like, and see what you come up with.

So I thought it only fitting to change my ways. I have since purchased a Kephart style knife, so that I can now practice Woodcraft, and not Bushcraft. I may be giving away all of my Moras and other knives here at some point, as they are Bushcraft knives, and living in America, I can’t practice that or call what I do that. So the Woodcraft knife is here, and I can already feel my skills getting better as I type this. I should have known it was the term Bushcraft and the knives that were holding me back all this time.


I wonder if I was a professional Soccer player here in the states, and went to say, Portugal to play a game….would I then have to call it Futbol? Just a question on the hypothetical to let you know where you’re at in your life. What are your thoughts on this?

See you on the trail and in the woods!

17 thoughts on “Woodcraft vs Bushcraft

  1. Derek – Bushcraft, Woodcraft, Fieldcraft, Woodsmanship…..IMHO it really is all the same thing, regardless of what you call it. Sure, the term “bush” is more of a UK term than American. However, popular culture has made the term Bushcraft an everyday term, and it has become synonymous with survival, which it is not. If you are a student of Nessmuck, as I think you are, then you are a Woodsman, who practices those skills necessary to make life in the wild livable. Finally, you have made a commitment to defend our nation, our way of life, and the Constitution of the United States. This allows you to call it whatever the hell you want. Keep on doing what you are doing and forget the naysayers.

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    1. Couldn’t say it any better myself! Ditto to Edmund!
      PS- As for what I always gathered, was that “Bushcraft” was more of a British term, and “Woodcraft” was more of an old school American term… But hey, in the words of Derek, “Six in one, half a dozen in the other”! Lol

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  2. In modern use, Bushcraft means following the tradition of Richard Graves, Mors Kochanski and Ray Mears, among others. This is very much an international movement, as bushcraft sources the best skills and kit from around the world.


  3. Dennis, I think you’ve lost it my friend! Futbol! what the heck is that! Its spelled football and is it even relevant if the Pats aren’t in the Super Bowl! Maybe we should call it woodscraft since it is practiced in “the woods” but not primarily with wood. You call it whatever you want Dennis ,I’ll still follow ya.


    1. I should always have a cup of coffee before doing anything in the A.M My apologies Dennis, Duh Derek. Gotta go coffees ready!


  4. We have something in common man, I, too, only take advice from people who know it ****ing all. Who else would a wise man listen to? Bushcraft, Woodcraft, Nigel, whatever you want to call it, you’re good at it, you’re good at teaching it and you enjoy it. I call it me time and I love it

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  5. Right on Derek…
    About definitions: I just leaned few days ago by viewing an “expert” youtube video that 1) there is a “survival knife” definition and 2) all my knives do not fit this definition!
    I am sooooo depressed to realize that I spent all these years outdoors with my non-survival-knives!
    Take care, stay safe…


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