Ice Fishing – Good Times in the North

I have spent some time ice fishing with a good friend here lately. It has been both good and bad. The winter weather, or lack there of this year, has been making it tough on us. We don’t let that hold us back totally though, and still get out when we can. This is one of the worst years for ice, and snow, up here in some years.

My buddy had a “Grand Slam” on pan fish the other day. This means he caught pretty much all of the main species for pan fish. He also had a rare, extremely rare, catch through the ice I might add, something you may never see again. We got all of this on video as well. Here is the grand slam pic…


Yellow perch, crappie, white perch and a sunfish (that goes by many other names as well).

If you would like to check out the videos we have made, I will post them here below. I did one on the day fishing with all the catches, and my buddy did a fantastic “Fish Fry” at the end of the day.

Catches video –

Fish Fry video –


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