Hatchets and Knives


“A Woodsman should carry a hatchet, and he should be as critical in selecting it as in buying a gun. The notion that a heavy hunting knife can do the work of a hatchet is a delusion.” (H Kephart)

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4 thoughts on “Hatchets and Knives

  1. “….and he should be as critical in selecting it as in buying a gun.” This raises the question-what criteria do you use in selecting a hatchet or an axe?


    1. I think the real question here is, “do we really have all that much choice in hatchets these days?” It seems like there are only a handful (and that’s being generous!) of axe/hatchet makers these days anyways… So I’m quite honestly not sure how applicable Horace Kephart’s sentiments are anymore…
      Just for laughs, here are all the current makers (worth buying at all) I could come up with off the top of my head:
      Gransfors Bruks
      Council Tool

      Like I said, it’s a very short list!

      PS- I left out any of the old brands no longer in production because it’s not fair to expect someone to look for a brand of axe at yard sales and flea markets that hasn’t been around for almost 80 years…

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      1. Nice thing to think about. Good deal Dan. There are more as well. Sno and Nealley was another great one made right up here in Maine. I think I heard they were producing them again as well. I have nothing to confirm that at this time though. Also, aside of the flea markets and such, you can find the old axes other places. Canoe and Paddle in Maine usually has a pretty good selection on hand of old time axes that are far superior to any of the names you mentioned. Certainly get your point though….thanks for sharing bud


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