Basics of Pruning – Workshop

We are happy to announce that we are teaming up with both G.A.L.A (Global Awareness Local Action) and the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School for a Pruning Workshop at the Woodsman School here in Sanbornville, NH. The workshop is going to be held here on our property on March 2nd from 4-6pm, and we have an array of fruit trees (several apple and a couple of pear) to offer for it. For more information, and sign up details, check out the G.A.L.A website here:


Michael Haeger (pictured above) will be showing us all the ins and outs of these skills and we are happy to have him.

We hope you can make it out to join us! This is one of the better programs going that I know of. Very low cost to participate, at $15 (unless there are material costs), and usually just a couple of hours during the week to get together and become more self-reliant both as individuals, and as a community.


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