A Man of many Hats

As I sit here in the warmth of the cabin, impervious to the outside world around me, I am saddened by the end of a great time. I just left the company of a couple of great folks and cant fathom the days ahead. But I am grateful for the time spent, and wish to share some insight into the thoughts of a Woodsman whom some may never have a chance to encounter.

This Norwegian is a very humble fellow, not typical of the modern social media experiment. He is an avid fly-fishermen, and a hobbit of sorts who resides in a cabin, built by hand, in the lands of Wisconsin. He is no stranger to the Boundary Waters there, or the rivers and streams of Maine. He is a Guide, a friend….and a Woodsman of his own recall.

I had the fortune of spending some time with him tonight before his travels North into the snow packed lands of Northern Maine. Its been a year since we have met and spent some time talking about the “real world” and what it entails. If ever there was a man so into the woods and ways of the Woodsman days have long past, it is him….and I am grateful for the time spent lending an ear to hopefully acquire a sense for what that actually means. From casting a fly into the ripples of a stream in hopes to land the trout you see in so many magazines, to splitting wood to sustain yourself for a couple of years in a remote wilderness, this gentlemen is the real deal. If my fishing tackle could carry as much as he has ever known, I would be humbled.

My friend is a writer, an instructor of wilderness living skills, a musician of sorts, an entrepreneur, and a man of many hats. I sit here typing this blog up, with the fortune of wearing a Norwegian cap (for what its worth) that was gifted to me by him, and I am grateful. I cannot talk about this man in any retrospect that you may ever know the validity of his being, but hope that someday you meet someone of his caliber. You will be better for this encounter on many a levels, I can assure you. Seek out the salts of the earth, the legends of their time, the ones who wish to share with you the teachings of the land…but most importantly, the man who wears many hats. They will never push themselves upon you, but gladly engage in the topics of the moment with the utmost ability to speak to them. You can tell in their passion for the out of doors, their way of speaking, and the interest in passing the knowledge onto you, that they are the way. The way that information was passed on from generation to generation with the intent on keeping the skills alive. I am fortunate to have such friends in my day, and hope to share such knowledge as these with the folks whom I come across, willing to learn such things.




2 thoughts on “A Man of many Hats

  1. Derek, you have a clarity with words, both spoken and written, and are. most certainly a man of the people .May God bless you and your family


  2. Your doing a great job passing on that knowledge. Not sure the exact verse in the Bible but one of my favorites is take a man fishing he eats for the day ,teach a man to fish and he never goes hungry. Thanks Derek


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