End of the Road

I have spent the past couple of days cleaning out my garage, and classroom, pictured here. It has given me time to think about what I am doing, and more importantly, what I want to do moving forward.

It has been a long road, and a good one. I certainly can’t complain. I have made, and lost, a lot of friends here on the net, for whatever reasons. Making videos and sharing my knowledge over the years has been something I can look back on with great satisfaction.

I am at the point here that I have to question what I am doing though. Being full time Army, with limited time as it is, and having a family whom I love very much. I have to ask myself, is it worth it anymore? Its a tough decision to make indeed. I don’t want to stop, but the time I take away from family, as limited as it is, to run this outdoor business and shoot videos for youtube, is at the point where I don’t think it is worth it any longer, unfortunately. I see folks shooting vids from their couches and getting 4k+ views haha. Here I am, actually Doing It, outdoors….and the views are hard pressed to say the least. It has never been about the views, or subscribers, or being the best school out there to me. If you know me personally, or have been following along….you know this. But I have to be honest here. If I were a writer for a magazine and did a column every month, and nobody read it….would I continue to write? Of course not. This is not dissimilar to that. What is the point on making videos when 1k out of 40k people watch or read? So that is where I am at with it all, again, unfortunately.

I will not shut down my youtube channel as it has been a lot of time and work putting together all of these videos for you all. But moving forward, the videos may be few and far between, to say the least. I enjoy doing them, and will continue to shoot them, but not on a regular basis. I think this is a record month for me actually (February) where I have posted 17 videos in the last 21 days. But the views are sub-par at best. As far as classes and my school goes….I intend on running out this whole year for what I have scheduled. So if you are coming to classes this year, no worries, we gotcha covered. We will see how it goes after that, and whether we continue paying 2k+ a year in insurance to continue this.

This is not a “poor me” blog. I don’t want, or need, your sympathy, honestly. I just felt the need to air out what’s on my mind and where I am planning to go here with the school in the future, for the sake of you all.

Honestly I cant say. If things pick up, I may change my mind and continue on with what I’m doing. If not….I will shoot videos when, and if, I have the time.

May the good Lord bless you all, and I wish you all the best. Take care, and maybe I’ll see ya in the woods.


24 thoughts on “End of the Road

    1. Thanks my friend. will try and write still, just taking a back seat on the youtube and school thing I think. Thanks for all of your time to follow along, and all of your comments and such, they are/were greatly appreciated. Derek

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      1. Hey Sarge i feel as if i am one of the ones who dropped off. Just work life all the crap. I have not watched for atleast 3 months. I see on goggle news videos post alot. But my plan is always to.catch up and binge watch. Just no time i come home from work have a few beers and out like a light. But anyway i enjoy every video you have ever made. I have been here for many years.still will be. Thanks Sarge God Bless.

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  1. My Dad Told Me Awhile Back,,If It Doesn”t feel right,,Chances are it aint.,.Ive Enjoyed And Will Continue to enjoy watching Your Vids..,,Ive learned alot.,,Peace Brother..and i know ill be seeing ya in the woods

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  2. Best of luck to you Sarge no matter what you decide to do going forward. Sometimes we get lost in how we do something and don’t get to enjoy it. I am glad you have shared your time and knowledge with us all. Whether you are on YouTube or not doesn’t matter, you are my friend regardless and I wish you and your family the very best. At the end of the day, family and peace of mind are two of the most important things a man can have in his life. God bless and take take brother, I will always be a fan. 😉

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  3. Hi Derek, it will be a great loss to your faithful followers, if and when you stand down . I’m sure that we can appreciate that you have to prioritise your life, and your family comes first . I for one say many thanks for the time and energy you have put in to teach us the ways of a true Woodsman . Unfortunately, some of us live in the wrong era.may God bless you and look down on you and your family.

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  4. Always been a fan and always listen to what you have to say.
    The door will always be open for you here at AroundTheCabin if you want it.
    Go with your heart brother, family first I say.

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  5. Derek, Thank you! For all the years I have viewed your videos and read your blog, you have inspired me to be the person I am today. Yes, family is the number one most important thing in a person’s life, you must treasure what you hve and enjoy every minute, as minutes eventually turn in to years and your son has grow and off on his own to follow in his father’s ways. Again thank-you!!!!

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  6. A man walks his own path, you owe us nothing and your family everything. You have 15 irons in the fire and its hard to do them all well. You are a great teacher about something you are passionate about and i would rather see you back off and give the world quality instead of quantity. But whatever your path, your true friends will remain so and the leeches and anchors will drop off. Best of luck brother and i hope to be involved in this “Farewell tour” soon.

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  7. Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run. There’s still time to change the road your on.. “Led Zeppelin” Brother I see something in you that few men possess. You care about people and at the end of the day , you look back and ask yourself if you did the right thing. This whole internet thing was designed to destroy us in the first place. It’s evil and its cheap. Bad combination. If you can sift through to ashes you can find a million lost souls. We spend our lives trying to do better, learn and improve on our skills. The world is screaming for change, it’s desperate for hero’s. Some say we can give them back their hero’s, Lord knows there is no shortage of zeros. the old German proverb, “be the hammer or the anvil I must” granted the hammer makes quite an impression on things but anyone who has spent any time in a blacksmiths shop realizes the anvil long out lives the hammer..

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  8. Do what makes you happy! Be with your family. I watch 99% of your vids and you are definitely one of my favorites and I look forward to your vids. I will keep watching whatever you feel you have time for and take care!

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  9. Are you kidding me?!? I have been a loyal follower since I first saw you on a Dave Canterbury video. I understand your reasoning and I do not knock you for it. I have always believed in family first…. and always will. All the reasons you mentioned are valid. Making YT videos is a commitment of time and money. My moral compass has always lead me in the right direction in life. I believe yours will too. Always go with your gut instinct, it’s usually the right one to make. I think you are one of the most humble and knowledgeable people I know. I have learned a great deal from you and can’t express how disappointed I am to hear the sad news. You have a great sense of humor and you will be sorely missed. Derek Faria you are one unique human being and I know you have a good heart! I wish you the very best in your future endeavors and thank you for all your time, effort and knowledge that you shared. It is NOT the end of the road….only the beginning of new one.

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  10. From a purely selfish perspective it’s a real shame that you have decided to call it a day but I can understand why. As someone else “if it don’t feel right then……”.
    All I will say is that is has been a pleasure knowing you (all be it via the medium of Facebook & YouTube. I genuinely enjoyed you videos & learnt a great deal from them, as I have said many times your no BS attitude & non sales driven approach made a refreshing change from the ever increasing product driven fodder of late.
    If I could shake by the hand I would but I’m over here in good ol’ Blighty & well…your over there so words will have to suffice.
    All the very best mate I wish you & yours well in whatever it you do in the future.
    Keep well, stay safe & take care my freind, hopefully I’ll get to meet you shake your hand some day.

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  11. I’m sorry to hear that you have been struggling I sure do enjoy watching your videos and learning things from you, god bless and see you on the next one.

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  12. Well, Sarge, God bless you, whatever you decide. I know that I for one will miss your videos and our little commentary chats on most of them. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Your family and your service to our country are far more important than my entertainment. So, maybe you’ll put one out there every once in awhile, and if so, that would be great. Give your dog a tickle behind the ears for me, OK?
    (Ron Johnson Outdoors on youtube)

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  13. I want to personally thank you for taking the time to produce videos and assembling your courses. Your hard work and dedication doesn’t get unnoticed. I hope you follow a path that leads you to a happy healthy life. It has been an honor to share some dirt time with you these past couple months. I look forward to the class in April. Take care brother.

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