G.A.L.A Basic Pruning Workshop

Here are some pictures taken by the wife at the Pruning workshop that took place here at the Woodsman School. This monthly workshop series was in collaboration from GALA, Jack Mountain Bushcraft School and the Woodsman School. Easily one of the best programs going IMO. Short money and a few hours a month helping to build a more self-reliant community.

Michael Hager was the instructor and comes from a background living on an orchard in PA. He talked through all of the details up in the classroom, and then took everyone outside for a more hands-on approach. We did a lot of first year cuts to one of my apples trees, as well as an example or two of second year cuts. Looks like I have a bit of work to do now on the other trees here at the school.

Next month’s workshop is a continuation of this months which will cover grafting. Be sure to check out the GALA and Jack Mountain websites, and facebook pages for more upcoming information on these. We will be advertising it here on our page as well.



3 thoughts on “G.A.L.A Basic Pruning Workshop

  1. Its amazing to me how many people I’ve met who are either into bushcraft, self reliance or other woods skills who don’t havr a clue of how to grow their own food, deal with their waste or live a real life off grid. Good on ya for bringing more sustainable living skills into the mix.

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