Woodsman School Scholarship

It has been a while since this scholarship has been used, though we typically offer a free spot at all of our Basic Survival courses in some way, shape or form. We have changed the name of the scholarship recently, but would like to talk a bit about where it came from and how it got started originally.

The Woodsman School scholarship, originated with two fine gentlemen some time ago. It was about 2-3 years ago if I recall. Two friends of ours, Mark Novy and Kevin Smith, offered a paid spot for students that otherwise couldn’t afford, but would like to get some training with us. We thought that was a very Noble thing to do, and have offered it ever since. Again, we haven’t offered it in quite a while by name per se, but we usually have a student here at every class Pro Bono, and we are happy to do it. So we are bringing this scholarship back to the forefront and it will be available for ALL of our Basic Survival classes. Again this is inspired from the two fine gentlemen mentioned above, and we wanted to give credit where it was due.

We have a Basic Survival course next month, 2-3 April 2016, here at our school property in NH. If you would like to have an opportunity to train with us under this scholarship, here is all you need to do below. All we ask is that if you enter, that you are sure you can make it here without a doubt. We don’t want someone else to miss out on the opportunity if you are chosen and don’t show up. We will pick from all entries and let you know if you were picked in the most timely manner that we can.

Send us an email letting us know the following:

  • Why you would like to train with us at the Woodsman School
  • What would you like to get out of the training
  • How this training will help you be a better Woodsman

If you check out our website and course schedule, again, this will be available for ALL of our basic courses here, so check the dates for any of those courses and send us an email and title it “My Scholarship Entry Request”.



Looks like I could use a scholarship for an English class! Typo in the original title, corrected ; )

7 thoughts on “Woodsman School Scholarship

  1. Awesome. You, Mark and Kevin have been inspirational,helping those who would otherwise miss out on a great learning experience. Goes to show its not always about the almighty dollar but what people can do for one another.Thank you gentlemen 🙂


      1. You are too kind Sarge. I hope everybody gets out and enjoys some great teaching and learns some useful skills. Best wishes to all involved with The Woodsman School.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Just one more reason why Derek is a great guy and the Woodsman School is the perfect place to learn valuable skills, and also make some great new friends in the process! I for one would be happy to come up and be a teacher’s aid anytime I can! =)


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