Another Early Morning Limit

Headed out this morning around 4:30 to meet up with my good friend Ed. We stopped for the usual coffee, and then headed off to the fishing hole. Instead of the lake today, we went to the stream a few miles in the other direction.

It was a balmy 22*F when I left the house. I’m not sure it got much above that as we fished. My hands got pretty cold, and believe it or not, the top two eyes of my fishing pole kept icing up. I had to break the ice out of the holes every few casts.

Ed landed the first fish and did so on his very first cast. Me on the other hand, was having difficulty keeping my line out of the bushes haha. Once I got that figured out, I started to catch fish as well. In short fashion, Ed had his limit of 5 brook trout. I was a bit behind the curve and only had 2-3 by then, so I kept on fishing. Before long, we both had our limit of 5 fish. Great fun this morning as always, and we both had our limit within an hours time!


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