John 13:35


“By this all will know that you are my disciples-if you have love among yourselves.”

3 thoughts on “John 13:35

  1. Great scripture, I try hard to walk in that but this world makes that hard sometimes.
    Have you read John 15, 18-20. Your thoughts on it?

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    1. Great Scriptures Chris, I know how you feel…being from the same World as you. So what God is saying is….He has taken you out of the World. War, Armies, Politics and the likes. Man thinks he can fix the world, but it is said, that will never be the case. Only God’s Kingdom will prove that it can fix the World, not man. So politics and every man that thinks he will fix things, is wrong…for it is not possible. Look at all who have said they will fix this mess…..NONE have done so, or will do so. Jesus inherited the Kingdom of God, and rightfully so. He is the reigning King over the Earth, and will be the ONLY one who can fix what is wrong, and fulfill God’s Will for mankind. This is a pretty deep subject and I could go on…..but being “No part of the World” means you do not partake in any Government affiliation, or Military and so forth….for that is part of Man’s doings and not God’s. Be well my friend, always here if you wish to talk. Cheers


      1. I would like that a lot as I seem to agree with a lot you have to say. Not all but a lot, LOL. we are in it but not of it. To me that means, we are here and have to deal with what is all going on around us. Or, like a foreigner visiting a strange land. Doesn’t mean we agree with it or are a part of it but have to survive it.
        Maybe we can continue this discussion at the basic class at the end of this month over a cup of tea?


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