Went out this morning with the family. I had a few hits on the fly rod that I didn’t land, but did end up with a small white fish and a decent brook trout. Not a bad couple hours spent. Pic of the little man letting the brookie go. Heading back out momentarily!

4 thoughts on “Late Morning Fishing

  1. “Not bad”?? Anytime you are out fishing with the little ones, is absolutely Great.
    There will be plenty of fish, so, much better to have the opportunity to fish with the little guy.
    That’s what it’s all about.

    In fact, I heard about some fella long ago, had only a couple small fish about what those fish in the picture looked like. Not really much, but I heard that he fed a whole stadium of people on those piddly fish and a couple loaves of bread. There’s a nice connection somewhere.


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