Buyer Beware

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Over the past few years, I have tried to separate myself a bit from what seems to have become a “retarded midget circus”(for lack of better words) in the outdoor community. I’ve never seen so many friends come and go in all my life, and I’m not talking just mine. This happens to a lot of folks that I can tell. So why? And what’s the deal?

My thoughts on this are pretty simple when you separate the chaff from the wheat so-to-speak. Not dissimilar to any other specific topic we could talk about, it all boils down to money, and I guess I could add ego in here somewhere as well, though not as prevalent. I have experienced and seen, first hand, the effects of the almighty dollar in a few areas of my life, including work and such, but never more than here in what used to be something pretty great. The outdoors will Always be great, people, not so much. As soon as you become irrelevant to someone else making money, typically selling gear or running courses and such….you are tossed aside. What a shame. Friendships, thrown away that have been built over time, for the dollar bill. Its disgusting actually. Maybe even worse, is that you see these same folks move on and use the next person. It’s really a slow pitch coming when you can take a step back and look at it for what it is. Oh! Who is the next reality tv star, or up and coming youtuber, that I can befriend and use my smoke machine to help myself profit?

The whole youtube scene (though I enjoy making videos) has become much of the same. Form a group or click, stick together and shit on others to make yourselves appear superior. What happened to actually having skills? Giving out good information? Letting the next person/generation excel from what you have given them to take it further? It’s all smoke and mirrors nowadays, and quite honestly, I’m about tired of it. Honestly, I’m ready to throw in the towel and do my own thing. As I said….you will never get me out of the woods, or the canoe, or off of my snowshoes……but from what I’m seeing now, I could do without a whole lot of people on social media and in this particular community. There will always be folks that are interested in the out of doors so that a business can be had….and a lot of them don’t dwell here on social media to begin with.

There are folks out there producing some really interesting and unique videos…..full of good information. Yet these folks get a fraction of the views and support that the “fake it til you make it” folks do. You know, the same folks that form the clicks and groups to make themselves superior to the rest of the crowd, though in reality….don’t really have a clue as to what they are doing. It’s a real shame that things are turning out this way, and to be frank, it only seems to be getting worse. I see some folks buzzing around the facebook pages, chiming in where they can make a new friend in order to sell some more gear….yet I have Never seen them with an axe in their hand. I have Never seen them in the wilderness, making a video in a canoe, cooking something in the woods….or ANYTHING to show that they actually DO this stuff! Yet here they are, making friends on FB and other social media platforms to keep “relevant”. Some even go as far as to make themselves Equal to some of the legit folks in the community. Again, having never shown any of this stuff to the public. It really baffles me to see, yet folks consistently fall for it….hook, line and sinker. I cant be the only one to notice this? Really?

So the point of the post here is to hopefully get folks to see through the smoke. Seek out the folks who know what they are talking about. Genuinely care about what they share with you, and also show interest in what you have to share or ask of them. There are not many to be honest, but they are there if you look. I’m not sure where my journey is headed, but I can say that it wont be here much longer given the ridiculous things that are constantly put in front of me. Perhaps I will see you in the wilds someday. There, we will be equal as there are not any keyboards to separate us in this constant barrage of nonsense. The wilderness will judge us for what we are…..and that is the only test worth passing.

So continue to follow along with your click or group of elite people, and continue to shit on others, because nature has no place for you, and you probably don’t spend much time there anyhow. As for us, we will continue to dwell within her and make the most of what makes all of this fun to do in the first place. I will leave you with the below comment….


As they say…..”the devil is in the details”. Buyer beware!

10 thoughts on “Buyer Beware

  1. That pretty well sums it up. I have abandoned most of the pages, channels, blogs, etc… over the last few years. Getting abused by armchair idiots that think you should “worship” the same bushcraft or survival gurus as they do gets old fast. Keep pouring cash and ideas out to the “experts” sheeple… you will know when they’re through with you. 🙂 as I like to say, “Don’t worry what people say behind your back, they’re behind you for a reason…”Do what makes you happy my friend. Take care…

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  2. You couldn’t be more right. I have been cast aside and deemed irrevelant by a few folks just because I didn’t buy their overpriced gear or questioned their ways, In the paraphrased words of Forest Gump, ‘I am not a smart man, but I know what works for me’

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  3. Hi Derek,

    I’ve learnt so much from your youtube channel, shame I live overseas cause attending one of your courses would be a privilege.

    You’re the real deal and a true woodsman.

    Completely get what you’re saying about social-media, but don’t let it get you down….you’re a gentleman of the woods and your knowledge and wisdom is appreciated by all.



  4. Sarge – very well said. To continue along the lines of @Robert Winkler…..”YouTube is like a bunch of chocolates… never know whatcha gonna get!” I hope you don’t let the rabble of the “know it all” YouTubers get you down. The type of people you discuss are EVERYWHERE. I had a 25 comment running debate with someone on one of the forums I frequent, debating the question – an opinion question at that – “What’s more important, a map or compass?” So I gave him my opinion, which boiled down to it depends on the situation, circumstance, and activity one is doing. He all but called me an idiot and said I must get lost a lot in the woods….! All because, he was promoting his orienteering program and he was trying to make himself look at the god’s give of land navigation.

    Sarge, keep on doing what you are doing…your passion is evident and your expertise apparent. Everything will fall into place.


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  5. Hey Sarge, I can say I agree with you. There are way too many self declared “experts”. As my favorite book says “they shall be known by their fruits”. Keep your head up and don’t let the bad keep you from sharing your knowledge. I for one appreciate what you do and have learned much from you, and I am sure many others have. Happy Independence day and thank you for your service.

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  6. Zacktly Derek.
    When I found Youtube about 7 years ago I thought it was great!
    Since then it seems like too many posters are out to make a buck only.

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  7. Derek,
    I understand your frustration. Concentrate on things like continuing to be a positive teacher to your students and to your YouTube followers. I believe most rational thinking people can see right through the wannabes and the “self proclaimed guru’s” out there. Keep being you. I don’t really think you realize how many people you have affected and look up to you for your expertise. There is no questioning that you are a subject matter expert in woodsmanship. Those so called friends who step on you on the way up the ladder were never truly your friend. Keep doing you. That’s all that really matters.

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  8. Just do what makes you happy. If money is your only motivator you’re probably not very happy doing it in the first place. I do woodworking and the videos and posts vary greatly from those who only use overpriced electrical machinery to those who think that only people using hand tools are ‘real woodworkers’ and the egos are off the charts. I make things for my family and friends and could care less about the egos being pimped out online.
    I caught your video because years ago I spent a lot of time out in the woods alone and enjoyed myself. Now my muscles in my legs won’t allow me to do the things I used to do, but you’re taking me back in time metaphorically. I really miss being out there and enjoy your take on things.
    Stay happy and don’t concern yourself with the greedy bastards.. They were never your friends to begin with.

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