Still Open Spots


We still have spots open for the rest of our June classes/workshops. Come join us for some fun and outdoors time, we would love to have you.

We have the following lined up:

Fly-Fishing workshop – 18 June….next Saturday!

Camp Chef – Introduction to Camp and Outdoor Cooking – 19 June….next Sunday!

Woodsman Fishing Derby and Campout – 25/26 June…..weekend after next!

A Great Investment

Well, its been some time since I got my Bean Boots, and I couldn’t be happier with them! They have certainly run the gamut. From hunting, to snowshoeing, to fishing and hiking….they have served me well. They have also swam behind a canoe on the St Croix River in Maine while I performed a boat rescue on a guided canoe trip! Lets not forget they are also pretty fashionable ; )

Here they are after a day of pouring rain and fishing, drying by the fire.


These classics are certainly not ready to be retired, or even repaired, but I am about due for another pair to kick around in. These will continue to be my workhorses!

#BeanBoots #LLBean @LLBean @LLBeanFreeport

Woodsman School Courses for June

Don’t forget about our courses for this month! Please help us spread the word.

We have the following lined up:

Fly-Fishing workshop – 18 June

Camp Chef – Introduction to Camp and Outdoor Cooking – 19 June

Woodsman Fishing Derby and Campout – 25/26 June





Great Night Out

Spent another day at numerous fishing holes. Only ended up with a huge crappie and a couple big sunfish at the end of it all, but caught a ton of fish today. I decided not to take so many pics or film anything….and just enjoy my day. I caught at least 10 small mouth about 6-8 inches or so. Too many sunfish to count, and a few crappie, but only one keeper. I was hoping to get on some white perch tonight…but that didn’t happen. All in all a good day I say. Gorgeous night here in the lakes/mountain region of NH!


Woodsman Fishing Derby and Campout

We have just added a new event to our course schedule. Yes, exactly like the title says….a fishing derby and campout here in the Lakes/Mountain Region of NH. We will be offering 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for folks who come out for this (depending on turn out), as well as two meals while here camping out. Lets not forget the great times shared by our campfires during the evenings either! Come join us for this new event, we are looking forward to some great fishing and relaxing camping with a friendly atmosphere.


Cost of the event is $50, plus your NH fishing license.